(amazing how so many of these links have survived since the mid-1990s - proof that there is a life and a future for intelligent sites - easy to find if you know how to look in the right places)
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Learn to play professional air guitar in a few hours
You want to know what time it is for a

Cette petite application a pour but de vous aider à rédiger votre autobiographie, celle que vous avez toujours rêvée d'écrire, mais que vous n'avez jamais osée rédiger (par excès de modestie ou par manque de temps).


A page appropriately named superbad. It changes constantly, it is stimulating, it makes you smile and feel good and inspired.
How many banana labels do you know? Two, six, eight? Visit the Banana Museum! I force myself not to pun on the litterary possibilities but believe me, it really is a museum about the banana labels of this world.
Eine deutschsprachige Seite. Grafisch vom Feinsten, inhaltlich top. Eigenbeschreibung:

Digitab ist ein redaktionell betreutes, offenes Forum für Beiträge aus Literatur, Kunst, Kultur und Wissenschaft. Sie finden Lyrik, Hypertexte, Fotografie, Musik, Multimedia, Essays und einiges, mit dem Sie nicht rechnen.
Absolutely useless, therefore a must.

The bubblewrap is part of urban75, an ezine about ecom, games, photos, protest, rave, drugs & more. Check out their navbar for details. To go there, take the Greenwich foot tunnel:
Back to bubblewrap. If you liked it, you want to go to the man Andy Foulds' main page:
(site does not exist anymore)

(link opens a copy of the original cover) is not simply the name of this site, it is a whole cultural program. The dog's owner blackflags hypocrites, flakes and wonkers. He declared Miss Kim Corbin Moron of the month "because she is not only America's self-appointed skipping afficianado, she is a total fucking MORON. Not only is she a moron, she's an annoying, pathetic, obsessive-compulsive moron." Then goes on to explain why and how well she deserves this compliment.

There's more of the same. For example his Artistic Prison presently holding Ricky Martin, the Pepsi Mutant Child, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mariah Carey, and many more.

All in good fun and taste of course.
The homepage of Luxembourg's friends of railroads. I'm not into steaming phantasies but this site is so nice I've spend a long time there. Text about and pictures of Luxembourg trains, train stations, mining trains, tracks, railroad info new and old, archives, a beautiful page on train models, critters, narrow gauge railways, everything you always wanted to know when you were the kid you still are.

(here's a link to the original preserved by webmachine as part of our original didj site, incl. fully functioning links)
It is a magazine. It is named "Cool and Strange Music". It is worth a look and a read. It is worth a subscription if you are into Strange and Cool Music. The preview of the present (June 2002) issue is "packed with new, informative articles on the coolest and strangest music you never thought you'd hear about! Featuring Jean Jacques Perrey, Arthur Lyman, Russ Garcia, El Vez, Mort Garson, Puffy AmiYumi, and The Hardly Worthit Players. Plus a Cool and Strange Record Store Report on Oklahoma City and a look at the PAMS Jingle Factory! So get on board! It's gonna be a cool ride through the wild, wacky and sometimes tacky world of records!"
They design kitchens and restaurants and shops and whatnot - and they know how to do a really good US of A presentation.

If you prefer music, click on the image and wait. You will first hear a rythmic noise with a click then after a minute or so the music starts. These guys have quite a mean soundtrack.

(the original site does not exist anymore but it still works on webmachine's creativeculinary  copy ; follow the links, they're all worth checking)
Overmedicated & understimulated: Witty prose from the life and times of a young American woman living in Paris, working in fashion, dreaming in colour.

(only available on webmachine anymore: freuds-fave.diaryland)
Want to know how you score on the Personality meter (Hope this link is still live for a long time).

Instructions: crank up your loudspeakers to full volume before you click on the image.

(org site is gone but this one's fun too)
A fun application of distributed computing. Download the DALiWorld software and create your own seaworld. Some of your fish might swim to somebody else's computer when you are online and sometimes a fish will appear on your screen that was created by someone in Canada or Tonga or China or Luxembourg. You can add your personal message or your email address to every fish which the next person will then see when your fish swims onto their screen.

Imagine a virtual world teeming with artificial life. This virtual world is an ocean, and the ocean is populated with a diverse and abundant ecology. Sea horses float among coral reefs, schools of fish dart and weave to evade hungry predators, a mother humpback whale and her calf migrate to cooler waters to feed... Myriad beautiful autonomous creatures are caught in the web of life that plays out before your eyes. As a user you are able to build and influence the ecology of the world, sculpt the surroundings, breed artificial life, or create new life forms from scratch.

(This was a fun software, immensely entertaining, unfortunately gone, but if you know the basics of running older progs on your new machine try this link)
(This site has changed a lot, so has the climate. Want to join?)

www.climateprediction.com is about you guessed it. It is distributed computing at its finest.

How could our climate change? You can help answer the scientific questions in climate change by downloading and running a free program that downloads and analyses climate modelling data whenever your PC is not used by you.

Get involved in the Climateprediction.com scientific challenge.

Many DJ sites are not exactly eyeboggling but some are surprising places to visit, in one way or another. Mail me all the good ones so I can spread the news. Here's a good one:

Fez is a Dj. This is his homepage. He's got tons of good text, cold graphics, hot links and other excellent un&x&kulclassifiable stuff. Take a day off, click all the links.

Fez likes some of the stuff I enjoy also. For obvious reasons. Like the e-sheep site:

You will arrive at e-sheep's index. Click on anything, it's worth it. Support e-sheep.

Give the next one a few minutes to load. I promise it's worth it.

I add it as a link because I couldn't find it in the e-sheep site index but it's definitely worth a deep look. 

The cat flies sideways. Scroll from left to right.

Here's another DJ site that you might want to visit simply so you have something to wonder about. It's the amazing and mindwarping Ranger Dj's Royal Rangers Website. Looking for campfire jokes and CDs to play in the woods, this is the place:
The guy on the other plane seat, the visitor across the hotel corridor, the camper next to your tent, the new face on your street. Bearded, bold, barbaric or beleaguered, they are

The FBI's most wanted

Most entries on that list are obvious, some are freaks, some are monsters, a few run guns like the forefathers of the present President of the US, there are also a herb peddlers, the modern-day equivalent of the prohibition-era booze smugglers, one of them old man Kennedy. What does one prefer, a booze-running Kennedy or a gun-smuggling Bush? A matter of taste and culture I guess.

And while we're on the subject of dope. Let me introduce to you the Mayor of NewYork and his statement on inhaling: (sorry, quote not available anymore, but here's up-to-date site)

The click will bring you to the official site of the "National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws" NORML.
Another medically interesting site
Want to see how a Chippendale sleeps? Click on whatever you fancy and when the site appears, click on the bed. (site does not exist anymore, this is the pic of the original link)
This might not be the visually most extravagant site, but if you drink only half of what it offers, you'll see more colours than you can throw an Alka Seltzer at: the Webtender.

here's a drink that has been listed since 1997
For many years, Manos: The Hands of Fate (the link opens a pdf of the original) must have been the Holy Grail for aficionados of obscure, low-budget, really godawful cinema: seldom mentioned, hardly ever seen, exactly the kind of movie that, yes, a fertilizer salesman named Hal P. Warren would decide to make, one fine summer in 1966.

(So legendary they have a new site)
The site for people who want to save money
how to complain and get results - how to vacation in Greece for 20 Euros including food, travel and lodging - how to double your cat's life expectancy - how to fix your household appliances for free - in general how to save money everywhich way. (No picture here, it saves money.)

(amazingly this site still exists, congrats; there will always be people who know how to live well on little, in fact, they seem the best prepared for the future)
F1 pit babes
the best looking girls in F1: scroll down all the way to FUN and click on Pit Babes. Very good F1 site too.

(the original link does not exist anymore, not very PC and all that; in fact  F1.racing-live.com is  all gone so clicking on the above link will open a totally un-PC choice on the subject in your browser)
The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance
Be fat, be proud, it's all fat'n fun here. Check out their fat link list for more.

(this is the original site still alive and kickin' and I guess that as long as there are fat people they'll stay online; all the best)
(here's an earlier edition for llustration)
Pretty strange patents
A tribute to strange and unusual patents from around the world

(the link is not the original but in the same vein)
The Harrah College of Hotel Administration in Las Vegas knows a thing or two about hospitality, especially the wacky side of it. Their selection of books alone, yes, you can buy them, is worth a visit, for example:
     The Bordello cookbook       Last Dinners on the Titanic       Mafia cookbook
This apparently is the editor of Wacky.com*. His present headline: "Animal Rights Activists Sue Chrysler Over Car Names". There is also the report about the "Ancient Pyramid Found in Missouri" and the "Giant lobster who escaped an Arizona Eatery" and many more on the same, er, level.

* (the site is still alive, click the link for the latest edition)
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