Our FAQ file - All the questions we're frequently asked
What is a FAQ?
You see the term FAQ on plenty of homepages.

A FAQ is a collection of the questions that visitors of that homepage have asked most frequently, the Frequently Asked Questions.

In other words, it's a file containing the replies to all those questions
that the webmaster of the site is asked again and again and again.

Like, "What is a FAQ?" "How does Windows work?", "Is this an e-mail I am sending you?" "Where are the sex pages?"

Sometimes when webmasters get tired of being asked the same questions all the time, they might reply to a standard question by "RTFM".

This is not an Internet radio station, but simply an abbreviation for
"Read The F...g Manual".
What are those weird signs some people use in emails?

While writing an email, one of your sentences is meant to be funny. Some people might not understand that you are trying to be funny. To show that you intended what you wrote to be funny, you add a sign, like <g>, which means you are grinning while you type, or <s> for smiling, same as :-), which is a smiling face.

This last figure is called a Smiley BTW. (BTW stands for By The Way, so you don't have to type that every time).

Why is the smiley on its side? Because keyboards don't type straight-up smileys. Got it? <g>

Basically, everything you put between <> is a personal expression showing how you felt when you wrote.

"Creating this page is a pain in the neck <sigh> but I get paid tons of money for doing it <g>"

In plain English, this means that creating this page makes me sigh, but I get paid gazillions for doing it.

Wish I was getting rich this way :-(((

Noticed this one :-(((? It's a sad Smiley. <g>

You can look for more signs like these on the net. Search for "emoticons". There
are many of them and they are fun to use in private mails.

What are the standard signs?
<g> means that I am grinning while I write this
<ggg> grinning a lot
<G> big grin
<GGG> grinning from ear to ear
<s> smiling
<sss> (you got it now?)

Variations of the above are:
<rofl> rolling on the floor laughing (for example as a comment in reply to a funny mail)
<roflmao> rolling on the floor laughing my a.s off
Then there's Smiley :-)
The blinking smiley ;-)
The very happy smiley :)))
The absolutely totally happy smiley :-))))))))))))))))))))))
Then there is the sad smiley :-(
The very sad smiley :-(((
The very very sad...

There are also common abbreviations for much used expressions, like:
IMO = in my opinion
OTOH = on the other hand
ASAP = as soon as possible
AFAIK = as far as I know
Why does the Didj have a homepage?

Because we work a lot with email. Therefore we have a provider subscription.

With the subscription comes a free homepage. Since we didn't want to waste all that good virtual space, we created this homepage.

In the meantime, the homepage takes more time than our whole email.

Therefore, we too wonder why the Didj has a homepage.
Where does the name DIDJ come from?

A few days before the club was to open, we started to wonder about its name.

At the same time, we were putting the finishing touches to the paintwork.

We discussed the name question with a few people, amongst which a woman who was a stage designer for film and theater and was visiting the site at the time.

She noticed that we used mainly colors that were earth tones.

At the time, I was reading a book by Bruce Chatwin about walking the Australian outback. Earthcolors + Aborigines made me think of the instrument the Aborigines play. Which is the didgerido.

Sounded perfect but didn't look right. The G is too English and was replaced by a J. In English, an O might be read as oo but the sure way and the goodlooking way to represent an oo is to write it as oo. Later etymologists
will have fun retracing the origin of our spelling.

Yes, we created this spelling. Yes, it's typical for us.

Funny thing, in the beginning we got a few mails saying that we spelled it wrong. To which we answered that we don't know if the Aborigenes agreed to the English spelling in the first place so our spelling was as good as the Aussies'.

Then the name got a life of its own. Everybody who searched for the instrument in the first half of the 1990s and since there was not that much stuff on the net then would invariably end up on one of our pages. People liked our spelling and it started to spread. When Encarta, Microsoft's assembly of definitions borrowed from the net, looked for spellings on the net, they also came across ours and entered it (without asking if they might of course; we are talking Microsoft here who believe they own the net. Remember when they wanted to copyright the Zeros and Ones? So what do you expect from a company that is not exactly respectable in my book.)

Every time you see the spelling DIDJERIDOO, you'll remember us.

In the meantime, our spelling has become accepted and used everywhere.

Some people of course will question our creating it to which I say: an instant payment of USD 100 to anyone proving in whatever way that this spelling existed before 1993.

Also, outside of Australia, Luxembourg is now the country with the highest percentage of people who know what a didgerido is.
Where does the Didj logo come from?

Misch Geimer designed it for us. We love it, we thinks it's great. We believe
it's the greatest logo of this decade.

Misch is a graphic designer by craft. That's how he makes a living, but in reality he's one of Luxembourg's future great artists. You
can see some of his artwork in our Art section. (Go to Main page, click on Art etc.)

(don't look for it, the Art section is gone; no backup, sorry)
Why is this pic here?

First, because everybody loves to see pictures.

Second, because it's a crossbike helmet carrying our logo. That is because we sponsor the guy who rides the bike. His name is Pascal and he is a contender in the Luxembourg 250 Cross championships.

We also believe the helmet looks great.

The helmet still exists but in the meantime, Pascal had to give up semi-pro motocross. But we leave the pix because we really like that helmet.
Do you have a question?

Email us.
(just kidding)

We promise a reply ASAP.

And if your question is asked twice, we'll consider it a FAQ.<g>

It will then appear here. ;-)
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