FAQ file Nr 2 - More questions we're frequently asked
What is Crapulogy?

Really funny only if you speak French. Crapule means scum, crapulogy for a French sounds like the science of scum.
It's the science of the - hangover. No kidding. One is crapulent when one suffers the results of intemperance. The Romans said of a drunk that he was "crapulentus". The Greeks used "kraipale" to describe the headache resulting from a night on the booze. Modern Crapulogy studies the causes of illness resulting from drunkenness. In other words, it's the study of what makes you sick. (Don't wanna get hung over? Cut the "crap" - have one less!)

In my opinion, the best thing against a hangover is:

a) throw up, preferably in a place that is more or less made for this kind of exercise;

b) have an Aspirin or Alka Seltzer or a similar product BEFORE you go to sleep;

c) sleep with your window open.

Best is doing all three.

What is Hodophobia?

Really funny only if you speak German. To a German it sounds like someone
hating testicles. Nothing to do with that though, it's a deep dislike of travelling.

A Hodophiliac is therefore not somebody
into fondling, but somebody who loves travelling.
Est-ce que tu connais ton frère?

Ces lignes visibles solement au frère de Sirus.
Donque es le frère de Sirus!
Ben oui, car
SiRus, c'est com SiSlave,
Sislave, c'est qui snettoie,
Sicen'est toi, c'est donc ton frère.

(preuve fournie par la mère Zoé)
What days is the Didj open?

All Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

And also the evening before any official holiday, and only before official holidays. Since for example Monday of Carneval is not an official holiday anymore, we're not open on Carneval Sunday.

Most clubs are closed on Christmas but it is an official holiday so we are open on Christmas, regardless of the day.
Who designed the Didj logo?

I've said it on the previous page but it's such a great logo, I'll say it again:

Misch Geimer

(Unfortunately I don't have a backup of the original but here he is in full glory)
Is the logo copyrighted?

You bet.

(and it still is!)
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