How much sugar in an average softdrink?

We all know that softdrinks contain a lot of sugar. This has a lot of advantages - for the manufacturer. Indeed, sugar makes thirsty. Drink something with a lot of sugar, no matter how good it feels on the moment, it will make you even thirstier after a few minutes. Of course, you will want another bottle of the same stuff.

The only way to drink a modern softdrink is to drink it cold. Ever tried a luke-warm softdrink? Tastes like garbage. And it's fattening as hell too.
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Why do we write didjeridoo this way (instead of didgerido or whatever)?

We're asked this so often, we'll explain it again from a slightly different angle.

Australians write it as didgerido. We write it this way because that's the way we like it. And to those who think that the true musicians = Aborigenes would mind our way of writing, well, think again. I don't think that the Aborigines care one way or the other about how the people who colonized them against their will write it. Therefore, our way of spelling is as good as any.

Didjeridoo it is then. And in that spelling, it's basically copyrighted to us. OTOH, it would
go against our philosophy to pursue anyone.

Actually an incredibly interesting instrument, on par with Aboriginal graphic art.
For example, a 1/4 L can contains 10 cubes

Makes you think, doesn't it? That amounts to a little more than 100 calories. If one considers that the average person needs 1500 to 2000 calories a day, a liter bottle of an average softdrink provides +/- one fourth of the average person's daily calorific need. No wonder you can spot addicted softdrinkers by weight. Tons of overweight people lose kilos simply by drinking water, sparkling or flat, instead of their usual softdrink.

And while we're at it...
Is Coca Cola cheating on History?

Every year, Coca Cola is distributing glassmats for the Christmas seasons. The front says "Season's greetings" and "Coca-Cola History" and "did you know that..." and so you turn the mat and on the back, Coca Cola is hyping all kinds of Public Relations stuff. On some PR material, Coke takes credit for having invented Santa Claus. Which is of a stupidity so immeasurable that it's reason enough not to touch the drink for the rest of the Christmas season.

Coke says that "Santa Claus has not always been the fat and nice man we all know today. (He only got fat when he met Coke? See above!) According
to Coke, he didn't look like anything, no image of him existed. Coke goes on to say that it's only in 1931 that the visual image of Santa Claus was created by, guess who, Coca-Cola. "A typical face with a white beard and nice red cheeks. So it's not a coïncidence that his coat and hat are red and white? Hohoho!" This is the original Coke text.

Really excellent PR work but not exactly true. Santa Claus has existed since the fourth century and is known in the civilized world as Saint Niklaus. He had been the Bishop of Myra in Lycia (Middle East). While Niklaus was a priest, a greedy tavern owner had killed three innocent children. Nicolas brought them back to life and has been the protector of children ever since. He's also the patron saint of fisher and boatsmen. Saint Niklaus has always been depicted as a jolly old man with a white beard and a red coat and hat. His day is celebrated on 6 December every year and children have always looked forward to Santa Claus day, since he would come to schools and homes and bring sweets to all children who had well behaved during the year. Santa Claus had moved to North America with all the emigrants, but since in North America, all winter religions, beliefs and customs have been melted into one big commercial affair, Santa Claus' celebrations were fused with Christmas business. Coke then did the ultimate PR ripoff and recuperated Santa Claus for their own profit. Which is just about tolerable if they would not pretend that they invented Santa...

Many big companies cheat and use their money power to pretend to things they are not entitled to. Something called lying amongst poorer people. So yes,
Coca Cola is cheating on History and they should be properly whipped by Santa's helper, Knecht Rupprecht. (Knecht Rupprecht is Santa's helper and punishes those children who did not behave well during the year. Maybe Pepsi should recuperate Knecht Rupprecht to punish Coke?)

On a more serious note, I believe that our ancestors knew a very neat trick to punish children without traumatizing them or estranging them from their parents or beliefs. Santa is not punishing, it's Rupprecht. In the child's mind, there is no confusion.

Reminds me of a way Mexican Indians from the high plateaus used: once in a while, a man who was not known by the village children, would come to a village and punish all the bad kids. This way no problem with the kids' own parents, still punishment was justly administered. Beats most modern crap about education and permissiveness.
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