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Obvious charts

MTV charts

New Musical Express England

Dotcom England

Charts in France

Radio Veronica's Best of the Dutch

German top charts

Interesting charts

Alaska Jim  has nothing but charts; one way of spending loooong winter nights I guess.

At Charts from all over the world you can enter the name of an artist and/or title to find out where it is charted on more than 800 WWW pages around the world.

Arabic pop music is reaching the top of the charts in unexpected places like India, Colombia, and Brazil and you can check out their latest hits in the Lebanese House of Music. They will even tell you where to get dancing lessons.

If you are into Christian sounds and want to spread the music according to the Bible, see the
Secret Motive charts (site is gone) And if you want to know what the Secret Motive is, read this (site is gone) and you will understand.

For Japanese charts, check out Maurice Noah's page, scroll down to J and click
. (content has changed)

A must for anyone interested in US music are the Billboard and Rolling Stone pages.

Seen from Europe, Canada might seem similar to the US but they have their own tastes.

Your grandparents want to buy contemporary flowerpowerstuff? They've got to see the Best New Adult Alternative Hippy Music site. (site is gone but if you use the words in purple for a search you will still come across interesting results)

IUMA stands for Internet Underground Music Archive. Good place to visit.

Charts for the discriminating audiophile

Rootsworld is a network of culture, art and music on the web.The Rootsworldcharts page lists the best of roots music from all over the world. It has charts for Africa, Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific. (great radio station too)

Cool and strange are definitely as cool and strange as their name suggests

Naxos looks into 21st Century American Classical and Chinese music. Look under Labels or Series.

Saarland Online offers German charts of all kinds. (page does not exist anymore)

Always good for a surprise: check out NewYork's
Village Voice.

Jamming in Djakarta: Indonesian Jazz charts here.

Check out the house that's to charts what the Bible is to books,
Blue Note Records.

And last but not least, the
Russian blues charts. Scroll down and pick your language, the translation makes it a Russian Kind of Blue. (not the original, still Quite Interesting)