The Didjeridoo, known as "the didj", is where Luxembourg parties.

The Didj is open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 23.00 to the small  hours. And as a rule, also open the evening before any holiday.
The aim was to create a party space for fun with the best of current music, the most accessible prices and the greatest customers. Did we succeed? Well, we've been doing fine at the top of the list ever since we opened and we never looked back. The party goes on.

How did the name happen? A few days before the grand opening, we looked at the worksite and talked about the wallcolors we had chosen. They were basically all earthen tones which reminded us in their hue, texture and application of the colors used by the Australian aborigines. Since we're all hooked on music, the colors made us think of these peoples' main musical instrument, the didgerido. So, after a little letter shuffling, the name DIDJERIDOO was born.

The club opened on 25 December 1993 and ever since, this day is blissfully celebrated in Luxembourg (maybe also due to the fact that merry Luxemburgers fire up their Christmas trees that day).

As a side-product, thanks to the Didj,  Luxembourg is now after Australia the country in the world where the highest percentage of people know what a didgerido is. For the musically illiterate, the didgerido is an aboriginal musical instrument. By coïncidence, this underrated instrument has been quite often used in all kinds of contemporary music since about the time we opened. Evidence that we were right on and tuned. And like that great music instrument, the Didj is timeless. A good time is a good time is a good time...